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  Swamiji! Your silent smile is oxygen to me  
Agarwal Jitender Kumar
House No. 6-71/3, Station Road, Garla -507210, Telangana.

My name is Agarwal Jitender Kumar. I run a pharmacy outlet in my village, Garla. I had two sons. I build a new home in 2005. By that time itself, I was a B.P. and diabetic patient. I had an operation also for hernia. Sri Ramadutha Swamiji came to our village, Garla, in 2009. He made a visit to my house and rested there. Thus, my acquaintance with Swamiji is from the year 2009. In the last days of January 2010, I had a breathing problem. I could not breathe in laying position on the bed, and had to sit awake without sleeping. I had to suffer spending many sleepless nights. I used to fear that I might die soon.

My family doctor referred me to a cardiologist, Dr.Somaraju of Care Hospital in Hyderabad (Capital city of Telangana province, India). I got admitted into the hospital on February 2, 2010 and treated for sixteen hours in a mini intensive-care unit. As I was in critical stage, I was asked to undergo some special tests. I was moved to a special room from the intensive-care unit on February 8, 2010. Thus, six days passed without any change for better but to remain in the same condition of sleepless sitting. I was given oxygen respiration for twenty four hours. But there was no improvement in my condition. Then, on February 10, 2010, angiogram was taken under direct supervision of eminent cardiologist, Dr. Somaraju. Even that test could not reveal the true cause of my problem. I was sent to the neurological department on February 11, 2010 for further tests. There, they poked one hundred to one hundred and fifty needles into my hand and carried out a test (E. M. N. G test). The test report came on February 13, 2010. That test also failed to show the cause of my problem. A group of ten neurologists examined me. One of the doctors said with astonishment “Alas! How is he alive! He should have been dead.” One of the senior doctors scolded him for talking like that in front of the patient. On the next day, a test called 'HRCTof chest' was conducted. That test also could not reveal anything regarding my problem!

Thus I was subjected to about fifty to sixty tests in all from February 7, 2010 to February 14, 2010 but in vain. “Doctor! Will you please tell me as to what is the disease I am suffering from? Will I live or die?” I asked the doctor impatiently. “We, forty five doctors, have to sit together and decide your case. You will be informed shortly about the outcome” said the doctor. On the next day, February 15, 2010, doctors came to me and said, to my dismay “Sir, we fail to identify your disease or its cause. We are unable to advise you with any prescription even. However, we shall carry out another test tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, with the help of my friend, I contacted Swamiji on phone and explained to Him in detail about my condition. Swamiji said on phone “Nothing will happen to you. Get discharged from hospital and go home immediately. I will take care of everything.” Then I said “Swamiji! I am in the state of neither alive nor dead here. Many doctors here are examining me. But they are not able to decide about my case, and, where as you are telling me to get discharged and go home. I am in doleful state Swamiji!”.
Swamiji stressed with assurance and said “Don't worry and be fearless. I will take care of everything. You get discharged and come out from the hospital immediately.”

I took discharge on February 17, 2010 from the hospital and I stayed at my brother's house for five days for some relief. I came back to my home at Garla and took rest for another three days and then joined duty at my medical shop. To my big surprise, my breathing problem disappeared and I became normal completely. I could breathe freely even if I laid on either of my side in the bed. I slept very comfortably.

Today, if I am alive and breathing, it is nothing but and only due to the grace and beneficence of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji. I cannot forget Swamiji till to my last breath. He is my breath. He is my lifegiving God. Hissilent smile is oxygen to me.

My days passed on smoothly and happily till the year 2011. In August 2011, I had a phone call from Sri Dr. Achyuta Rao garu (a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamiji). He said “Jittaa! (my nick name) you shall go to the near-by temple of Sri Venkateswara Swamy (called as Seven–hills deity) at Marrigoodem village and garland Him while chanting the name of Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamiji in your mind.” Heeding to his advice, I started garlanding Sri Swamiji on every Wednesday.

In September 2011, I had severe pain in my back. I got M.R.I. scanning done to find that some of the vertebrae (series of bones) were worn out. I managed to bear the pain for some more time. I went to Ashram and had the darsan of Swamiji. He said “It is not difficult but you have to bear for some more time before I remove completely.” I continued suffering for another one and half year with that pain. In the month of February, 2013, I called Sri Ramadutha Swamiji on phone and said “Swamiji! Pain in my backbone has not come down at all. I cannot bear the pain any more. I am thinking of dying. I don't know what to do.” Swamiji asked “Where are you now?”

“I am in my home Swamiji!” I replied. Swamiji instructed “Lay down on your bed. Keep your index finger at the bottom and the thumb on its top at the point of pain and rub.” I started rubbing the point of pain on my backbone but keeping my thumb and the index finger both below. Swamiji immediately said “You are keeping both of the fingers down and rubbing. Keep your thumb on the top of index finger and then rub.” At that time Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamiji was in Delhi (I was nowhere near to Him). While I was rubbing my backbone, as instructed, Swamiji chanted the Brahmanagari mantras on the phone itself.

To my astonishment, within four or five days of Swamiji's blessing, the pain in the backbone disappeared. From then on, I am continuing with my business as usual. I am able to drive even a two-wheeler too. Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is God. He can do any miracle to elevate us from our miseries. My salutations are to His lotus feet. I am ever-indebted to Him. Om Sri Ramadutha Swamine Namaha !!!

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