The Divine Vox

The Divine Vox
Om Namah Sivaaya Sri Venugopaalaaya Sri Ramadutha Swamine namaha.

Every one shall earn six things; Education, Health, Employment, Marriage, Progeny and Money. Man shall not be able to live in placidity, if he fails either in getting better education, or in earning money, or in getting the righteous spouse, or in getting good progeny, or, in the aspect of good health. If that is so and he does not achieve these things, human being's life becomes unavailing. The human being here means God!

God is not significantly separate. You are the God by yourself! There are great powers within yourself! Through various practices under the direction of Sadguru, you can gain those great powers and self-realization. Then, there will be no need to say that I can do this and I cannot do that. You will be able to do all.

In Hindu philosophy, of all live forms, only through human form one can achieve self-realization as so being born as human you should consider it as lucky. However, God has not created you. Every human keeps on blaming God for all of his ill doings. There is a common proverb saying “The one who created me, shall take care of me, shall he not!” But no! It is not so. The God has no link to this world. God has not done this creation. But, everybody gets confused by thinking that God only has created him. God is not at all responsible for your birth. Ask me, how is that so. Pour water of a tumbler just outside of your house. Continue that for four days at the same place. Then you will find germs, bacteria and certain insects coming out with life in that place. Can you tell that they are created by God?

There is life in pancha bhootas (the five elements of nature). There is life in all these five elements, i.e., in fire, in air, in earth, in water and in ether. If you look around, you will find the life anywhere and everywhere. It is but the natural trait of life saving air, 47 that the beings are germinated (Here the word 'being' means Jeeva ). As you are also the part of these beings, there is no lie in what has been said earlier.

If the rainfall is there, the beings are generated. If sun rays become highly intensive, those beings perish. So, from these birth and death activities, we shall observe some divine inner meaning. If a being takes birth as a germ, it is highly probable and susceptible to, that it may even die. There are certain germs and bacteria which born and die instantly. But, the death is not the end for them. They are not finished at that stage itself. After a germ dies the life of it shall not amalgamate either with space, or with air, or with water, or with fire, or even within earth. It remains in suspension, alone floating, having nowhere to go! After the death of that germ, the other beings will eat away the dead body of it as their food. If and when the body of such dead germ has become useful in satisfying the other beings' hunger, that gets converted into a virtue for the 'floating being' and comes in aid of it. By rephrasing it in other words as, because the dead germ has offered its body as oblation of food to other living being, that sacrifice gets transformed into virtue. With this virtue, the so called 'floating being' shall have birth of a little better birth than that of a germ. Now, even the body of that being may fall to death again. That dead body shall become pray to some other living beings again. The virtue gained by that 'floating being' shall lead it to have a much better birth than its previous one. Like this, with the passing of some millions of death- birth cycles, that being 48 transforms into a highly strong power and attains the self-image of a soul (atma swaroopam). That being (Jeeva), having attained the form of soul, will be very much eager, desirous and in affliction to enjoy all the kudos of nature. That soul keeps on trying to become a bigger soul and it becomes too. In this way, the ever growing desire in these groups of big living beings, to experience the kudos and to rule its ambiance with authority is inherited from their unaccountable previous births.

Billions of organism groups, after getting transformed into formidable selfimaged souls, they got together and made boisterousness (ghosha) for some billions of years saying “Let us implore the Supreme Soul who created us, and ask for our perpetual bodies.” With that sense and aim, they joined together and performed the penance. Their penance was highly intensive and concentrative. There the so called God-Power emerged out of that tremendous penance. That emerged divine power said to them in marvelous words “Why do you do this penance? The five Elements of Nature make you to born and die as well, as a continuous process. This is the inherent property of them (these five elements)! You cannot attain the eternal state through these pancha bhootas (five Elements of Nature). If you want to become the “Eternal,” you have to forego these pancha bhootas! That means, there should be 'no birth' at all.”

But those big beings (living beings with soul) wished to enjoy the companionship with nature's beauties, with trees, hills, and mountains, with rivers, with sea waters, with other fellow beings, of man-woman close relation, of ruling part, of authority part, of delicious food part, with friendship part of living. How sweet it will be to experience all these parts of life one by one! How kudos and how joyful it will be to rule and administer and to be authoritative! How significant sweet it will be to experience the wife-husband intercourse! How sweet it will be to experience the intimacy of bonded friendship! Why not we shall experience all these but not reject? In order to experience and enjoy all of these things, all those big beings (living beings with soul) solicited the God-power to favour them with the permanent physical body to live infinitely.

The God-Power gave the judgment that it was not possible to give the permanent living body to them just because those beings solicited! The God-Power said to them 53 “But, there is one opportunity for you. Among you, whoever earns the virtue (punya ) in great quantity, I can arrange the suitable physical body for that particular being according to the level of the virtue earned by it.” The big beings (living beings with soul) agreed to and said “Yes, do that way please!”

The physical human body was formed for those beings who took some millions of births, gave their bodies to others as alms of food after every death, and thus earned the virtue out of it. After preparing the human body, God-power said “You will not be able to withstand the miseries and losses that come to you from the pancha bhootas, especially the pain at the end of your life. So I give you five powers more formidable than the pancha bhootas. Procure and secure them. Then, you shall not have death! You can live for a long time. The nature cannot trouble you. Keep the five powers with you securely……. What are these five powers? They are: Dharma (to behave in accord with the principle of virtuous order given in the form of ordinances), Satya (to seek, assimilate and adopt truthfulness, non-falsehood), Seelam (Character of an individual to maintain good ethics and traits with good moral values such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control), Ahimsa (to put nonviolence as part of once own life and not to persecute other beings), and Tapas (to practice asceticism, inner cleansing, self-discipline, severe meditation as part of penance). You need not to maintain celibacy. Marry the girl to your liking. Do not forget to do penance for me daily for two hours without fail. You shall never overstep Dharma, be always with Satya, not to persecute other beings, and if you keep putting these things into practice, you shall live for any amount of time.”

t has now reached to a stage, where all beings who got the human body, of incinerating their own manpower by themselves completely, by enjoying fruitions with comfort out of all what they could come across and see, debauching with toxic drinks always, and persecuting the other beings for their pleasure

Many kings ruled in that fashion and got self-destroyed and perished. The being could not achieve what it wanted. Now, your death, your living, your greatness and your fortune are entirely in your hands. Forget that someone comes and saves you.

But, God has kept His soul (Atma) in your body. Not only that, He installed inestimable and majestic power of 'Beejaaksharas' in you. Why did He do so? He did it to protect you from committing mistakes! If you can know power of your 'Beejaaksharas' and perform tapas (penance) with your 'Beejaaksharas,' there shall be nothing that you cannot achieve. You shall become invincible.Sri Venu Datthathreya Swamy and Sri Golagamudi Venkaiah garu are those persons who performed that tapas! If you too can find the Beejaakshara Sakti which is within you and perform tapas using that power, you shall have good progeny and those children shall have very good education, shall reach the high positions of Authority, shall have no fear of death and shall become service oriented to others with altruism. You shall have no ill heath at all. You shall experience the happy and comfort living with your wife and children. You shall live as long as you lead a happy life.

But, the Beejaaksharas assigned to you are not available to tell you and you to (16) write as well. You can obtain them only from a Sadguru (the preceptor). You have to compulsorily catch hold of the feet of Guru and become a dedicated servant of Him. Then, that Guru shall tell you those Beejaaksharas and train you how to do penance using them. For that, it is not necessary to comply with celibacy. Before going to bed, the wife and husband as couple shall sit together and do tapas for half an hour every day. If you do that, your son shall be in a big honorable position like that of a doctor or a IAS officer. Very good alliances of marriage shall come for your daughter. There shall be no irregularities in her family life throughout. They shall have good children. The health of you and your wife shall be sound. Both of you shall lead a very happy married life. You shall live with the luck of very high position, leading in all matters and areas of your interest!

Leading your present life in this way, with the eye-glance of Guru, securing the 'Godly soul' (bhagavadaatma) in you with divine powers earned through your tapas, you shall get the opportunity to get transformed into God!

Sarve janaaha sukhino bhavantu!
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