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  “It is miracle” said the doctors  
Sannepalli Nageswara Rao
Gumpena Post, Bhadradri, Kothagudem District, Telangana.

My name is Sannepalli Nageswara Rao and my wife's name is Mrs. Rajyalakshmi. I am blessed with a daughter and son. My daughter Srimathi Sridevi is married and lives in Hyderabad with her husband. My son Mr. Srinath is settled in California, USA, as a software engineer. My daughter is a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji. She told me about Swamiji and narrated the miracles done by Him.After reading in Newspapers and seeing in various TVchannels about many Babas and Swamijis and their immoral activities, I lost trust in them. When my daughter said to me about Sri Ramadutha Swamiji, I did not care to give my ears to what she told about Him.

But, my daughter persuaded us to perform 'Sri Suvarna Dattha Lakshmi Dampatya Vratham' in our home and we did it on October 27, 2014, under the priesthood of Sri Kumaraswamy. We just performed pooja as per the wish of our daughter without much interest in it. After performing pooja, the performers shall have the darsan and take the blessings of Swamiji. But we could not go for darsan till about a year. On November 11, 2015, I, along with my wife, went to Ashram and attended the Naagula Chavithi festival conducted there. The Ashram was filled with thousands of people who came to attend the festival.

We participated in the Sri Suvarna Dattha Lakshmi Dampatya Vratha Mahayaagam. There I saw many reputed politicians, Central and State Ministers, I. A. S. and I. P. S. Officers coming to Ashram, participating in the festival and taking the blessings of Sri Ramadutha Swamiji. On observing this, I started thinking as to why these eminent personalities and such large number of devotees came to Swamiji, unless he has some special powers. Later, when I saw Swamiji on the stage with a brilliant splendor in His face, I came to an irrevocable conclusion that Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is not like other Babas or Swamijis, and He is an exceptionally powerful personality.

In the year 2016, I went to the house of Deekshaadhaarini Srimathi Indiramma garu along with my wife and had darsan of Sri Ramadutha Swamiji there. We prostrated before Swamiji to pay our respects and got blessed. I became a bit surprised with the blessing Swamiji gave me saying “Aarogya Praaptirastu” which means “You shall live long with good health.” It is true that I had a health problem (high B. P.). Doctors advised me that I must go for stent fixing. I believe in the principle of karma that everyone has to suffer for his karmas he did. So, I never told Swamiji about my health problem. I was not even aware that I should tell Him about my problems. But, will there be anything that is not known to the omnipresent Swamiji? I was sure of successful stent placement surgery as I had the blessing of Swamiji. With that strong conviction and faith in Swamiji, I left the place quietly to my home. I did consult the doctors at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad to seek a second opinion about the necessity of surgery. They also advised me to have the stent. Under these compulsive circumstances, I got prepared mentally to undergo surgery. However, I was a bit worried about the success of operation. I called Sri Kumaraswamy garu (the Deekshaadhaari who performed pooja in our house) and requested him to inform Swamiji about my surgery programme. Kumaraswamy garu immediately informed Swamiji about me and Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji assured me not to worry and that he would take care of everything. We could then relax in peace with the assurance of Swamiji.

On May 12, 2016, at 9 O'clock, I got admitted into the hospital for operation. Doctors conducted some required tests and informed me that they would commence the operation at 12 noon. My daughter and my wife sat near me and continued chanting the name of Swamiji. Doctor came in time, arranged the set-up of oxygen supply for me and told us that they would start operation in five minutes. Later, before commencing operation, they observed my E. C. G. monitor and called my daughter inside. They said to her “Everything is fine and good. There is no necessity for operation now. It is certainly a miracle in the field of medicine. We do not know as to what happened. Your father does not need surgery at all. He does not require operation anymore.” They discharged me immediately and returned all the money I paid to the hospital.

What I can offer to my Swamiji but to wash and clean His lotus feet with my tears! To all devotees who read this, I tell for sure, if they put their complete faith in the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji with devotion, no misery can dare to come closer to them. Swamiji is God. There is no place at all for doubting it. I informed to all of my friends and relatives about the miracle that I experienced with the blessing of Swamiji and how I got rid of the flaw in my health. I called all of them to my house and got darsan of Sri Ramadutha Swamiji. They too were benefitted by the darsan and blessings of Swamiji

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