Ramadutha Karthaa

Naaham Karthaa, Ramadutha Karthaa

From the time immemorial, India is a land of many great saints, yogis and siddhas, who demonstrated through their lives, the characteristics of a perfect man. The Vedas and Upanishads took a concrete step to guide mankind towards perfection in the form of these great saviors. The divine effulgence radiating from them cleared the path for many struggling souls and showered the nectar of peace and happiness on them. Bharata Desa (India) is a holy land of wonderful cultures and great traditions. It is also the leader in the spiritual world. This is often the home of incarnations of God and great Gurus (preceptors).

Though science and technology have advanced, today there is no tranquility in life and it has become mechanical. Human values and, especially the valued traditions are sacrificed at the cost of individual freedom. With that, losing our mental peace, the family unions are getting disintegrated, there by destroying the fabric of the society.

To bring back the mankind to the right track and save them from the worldly problems, God descends on to this earth in the guise of human form, i.e., as saints and Avadhoothas. Avadhoothas belong to the consecution of Sri Datthathreya, the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Avadhoothas possess infinite amounts of divine powers of infinite number. They have the perfect command of nature and its basic five elements, Air, Water, Tejus (effulgence due to Sun), Earth and Ether. They move around and as one among us unnoticed. But due to our ignorance, it is very difficult to recognize them. Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is one such Avadhootha moving among us in the present times. He is the chief and beloved disciple of Sri Venu Gopala Datthathreya Swamy of Mogilicherla. He has disciples of hundreds and thousands of years old, some living and doing spiritual practice of penance in Himalayan Mountains, and some living in the eternal astral planes beyond this world. They refer to Him as Avadhootha Chakravarthy (The Emperor of Avadhoothas). The divine powers of Swamiji came to lime light twenty five years ago because of certain miracles that happened in the lives of poor, the destitute, the imbecile, the meek persons, filling light in their lives. From then on, whoever approaches Him with full faith-in, gets blessed and relieved of their troubles. He is great treasure of compassion. This volume contains of experiences of some of the devotees collected and brought in the form of this book with a good intention of helping people to receive the blessings of Swamiji and be benefitted by getting rid of their miseries. There is no one equal to Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji in removing all kinds of impurities of devotees and imparting them peace and harmony when they visit or remember, or worship, or meditate upon Him. He also guides the seekers of salvation in righteous path of Sanatana - Dharma. Spiritual living shall be an integral part of our life in addition to moral and virtuous one. The narrations in this book are true, word to word, given by the people who came forward to tell voluntarily. Swamiji's aim is to spread the divine eternal message not only in India but also throughout the world.

Swamiji's Ashram was first established in Chevuru village, near Kavali town of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh State India. Another one has come up in Hythabad village, Shamshabad Mandal, Hyderabad on the highway from Shamshabad to Shahbad town. The third Ashram is in Chennai city of Tamilnadu State, India. The fourth Ashram is planned in Himalayan Mountains.

Every Year, three Grand festivals are organized in the Ashram, one in the month of April, called “Maaladhaaranaa Deekshaa Mahotsavam,” the second one in the month of May, called “Maala Deekshaaviramana Mahotsavam” and the third one in the Month of November, called “Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Abhisheka Mahotsavam.” Thousands of devotees from many parts of world throng upon and gather there to receive the divine power streamed out by Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji to all present there and remove their miseries. Exact dates of these festivals are communicated to the devotees through the website of Ashram (www.ramaduthaswamidivyadhamam.com). Ashrams perform charity work, in that, Annadaanam (providing food for the poor and needy, conducting medical camps for the poor, etc.). Ashram runs orphanage for poor children providing food, shelter, education and health care under the patronage of Swamiji. These activities are supported by the contributions of devotees. If any one wishes to contribute for this noble cause may do so by contacting the Ashram's Secretary.

The following publications are available in the Ashram, both in Telugu (local language) and English :
  • 1) Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamy Yogamahatmyamulu (Telugu version)
  • 2) Devotees' Experiences of Sri Ramadutha Swamy (English version of book 1 in two Parts)
  • 3) Datthavatharulu Sri Ramadutha Swamy (Telugu version)
  • 4) Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamy (English Version of book 3)
  • 5) Sri Venu Datthathreyuni Anugrahaamrutham (Telugu Version)
  • 6) Sri Venudatthathreya Swamiji’s Anugrahaamruth (The Graceful nectar of Sri Venu Datthathreya Swamy, English Version of book 5)
In addition to the books, CDs and DVDs are also available.

To obtain these books, the Ashram can be contacted, through available communication means, “The Secretary, Sri Ramadutha Swamy Ashramam, Venu Gopalanagar, Chevuru Village, Gudluru Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India Pin:523391. More information is available on our website (www.ramaduthaswamidivyadhamam.com).

I wonder how Swamiji so tirelessly keeps on moving from place to place distributing the boons for those coming to Him. From Him flows a stream of intellectual brilliance and spiritual profundity. Visionaries like Swamiji only can provide necessary spiritual guidance. He stresses upon His devotees to seek the Lord in all beings, love all. Hate none. This book is Graceful nectar of Sri Venu Datthathreya Swamy, which Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is trying to spread all over the world by the hest of His Guru.

The response to our earlier books was very much encouraging and we expect that same response for this present work also. We will be highly indebted to our readers for their valuable and constructive suggestions to bring out in a much more befitting manner. They may be sent through email account given in the website.

The Hindu spiritual and religious scriptures were written in Sanskrit language. There are no exact or nearby equivalents of certain terms of Sanskrit in English probably because of cultural differences. Therefore, a list of such terms with contextual meaning and explanation is provided in the beginning. We request the readers to go through it before starting to read the rest. The serial number of the term in that list is also provided as superscript wherever that term appears in the text.

At the outset, I must admit about my inadequacy for this great task of reverbalisation into English language. I do not have either academic brilliance or notable literary talents. My long years of engineering service gave me very little scope to acquire and enrich linguistic skills. However, I took up this translation with implicit faith in Swamiji's grace. With abundant grace of Mother goddess Sri Suvarna Lakshmi Devi, the Superior Preceptor Sri Venu Datthathreya Swamy, and Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji, I could complete the work. I feel that I am a mere instrument and everything was done by Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji without my knowledge and effort. I am very much thankful to Amma, Srimathi Bharathamma Sevakuralu, for her encouragement and timely suggestions. I am also thankful to Miss. Yasoda Rama Devi for her kind assistance in DTP work and Printing work. Last but not the least, my thanks go to my wife, Srimathi Janaki, without whose support I could not have completed this divine task.

While I was faithful to the text as far as possible, I took small liberties here and there to make the meaning more explicit and to provide more and better understanding of the content. There may be inadvertent errors of commission and omission in the translation. I beg for the pardon of the noble minded readers in this regard and request them to appreciate the real spirit underlying it. I have the honour to dedicate this work to the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamy, my Great Guru.

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramaduthaya!
Nivarthy Radha Krishna Murthy
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