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  Sri Venugopala Swamy had gone well in advance to the place of incident  
K. Saraswathi
House No. 86-335, Doctors Colony, Near Bhashyam School, Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh.

My name is K. Saraswathi. I and my husband happened to visit the Ashram of (hermitage) Parama guru (Supreme preceptor) Sri Venugopala Datthathreya Swamy located at Mogilicherla village in Andhra Pradesh around twenty four years back. We came to know about the miracles of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji (disciple of Parama guru) through the devotees present there in Mogilicherla. At that very minute, I made up my mind to go and have darsan of that great divine person Ramadutha Swamiji. Due to my luck and blessing of Sri Venugopala Datthathreya Swamiji, I had darsan of Sri Ramadutha Swamiji on the same day. When I saw Swamijifor the first time, my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I felt that I had an eternal blissful happiness. At that minute, Swamiji gave a beautiful darsan with the sparkling splendor of Sun and cool light of Moon, both mixed and with some divine power emanating from Him. By seeing the brilliant glow in His face, we felt that God Himself was sitting in front of us and talking to us. Swamijispeaks always to His devotees with a majestic smile and in gentle voice. We had been receiving many prosperous good benefits from Swamiji for past twenty four years. I am very happy to share with you some of my experiences that I had with Swamiji.

In the year 2002, Swamiji advised us to perform the 'Sri Suvarna Dattha Lakshmi Dampatya Vratham' in our house. We made all preparations for pooja and invited couples as required. We invited Sri Swamiji also for getting darsan of Him to the devotees. By the grace of Swamiji, more number of couples than expected came to attend pooja. Swamiji also came to our home and in his presence, pooja was performed marvelously. Swamiji not only blessed the couples but also suggested solutions for their problems. Afterperforming pooja, our financial position rose to higher levels.

In the year 2006, my husband bought a piece of land. We bought it without the consent of Swamiji as he was far away in Himalayas and not accessible. From the time of buying of that land, we were subjected to many miseries including financial problems.

Students of our Nursing Colleges were on way back from Kerala by train, after having their holidays. We have arranged two buses to pick them up from the railway station and drop at their respective colleges. At the same time, my husband was traveling in his car to Mysore for marketing about our colleges. On his way, he received a phone call saying that the bus carrying students met with a major accident, eight of the students were thrown out of the windows and they had serious head injuries. He was also told that other thirty students in the bus were also injured. My husband did not know what to do. He immediately called Swamiji, the savior, on phone and told everything about the accident in detail. After listening everything what we said, Swamiji said “Don't fear at all my son! Sri Venu Gopala Swamiji had already gone to the place of incident. I will also take care that nothing shall happen to everyone there. Without placing a step forward, turn back and go there immediately.” As per the instruction of Swamiji, my husband went back to the place of accident and found that the window glasses of the bus laying scattered with the blood spread around on the road. From the scene there, he could comprehend the severity of the accident. The police present at the site said “The accident was a major one and all the victims were moved to the Government Hospital.”

My husband went to the hospital immediately and talked to the doctors there. They told him that the blood in the head for one of the girls who had severe head injury was clotted and gone into coma. They also added to say that they could not tell anything about her condition until and unless forty eight hours were crossed and nothing more they could do. They also advised to pray to God. My husband called Sri Ramadutha Swamiji immediately and told everything what doctors said to him. Swamiji said to him “Do not be afraid. I am with you. I will see that no one will die. It is my responsibility to save her (the coma patient). Do not feel worried for what doctors said.”

My husband did not know how to inform the girl's parents and relatives and console them.
To our and doctor's astonishment, as twenty eight hours passed, unexpectedly, the girl recovered and came out of coma. The doctors came to us and said “It is a miracle in the field of medical science. It is an unexplainable and incomprehensive question as to how the girl who was almost dead could come back to life! Only the God whom you believe in brought back her to life and saved her.” On hearing these words, my husband could breathe freely and relaxed. He broke into tears saluting to Swamiji.

In the year 2007, my husband got admitted into hospital for his liver problem. Being worried for the condition of my husband, I called Swamiji and explained my husband's condition. Swamiji said to me “Amma! an evil spirit of death infiltrated into your house because of decrease in your punya sakthi(power of virtue). There is a danger of death to your husband and daughter. Therefore, if you get the Homam performed, we can arrange to increase the life span for them.” What Swamiji said was true. Why because, my daughter, studying medicine in China, used to call me and say “Mother! For unknown reason to me, I get a feeling of not to live but to die.” Whenever I used to hear these words from her, I would get agitated with tremors in my mind and shiver. Keeping these things in my mind, I got the Homam done immediately. As fructification of that, Swamiji saved my husband and daughter. Swamiji is very much kind-hearted. His rock like support will be there to all the people having full faith in Him. He has been saving my husband from death and blessing him with good health. If you submit and surrender yourself to Him in full faith, any type of health problem, how acute it may be, shall vanish completely

Sarvaroga Haranaaya Sri Ramaduthaya!!!

About seven years back we ran a rehabilitation society center referred to as 'Short Stay Home.' This center provides training in suing and weaving works to the poor, orphan and widow women to help in their self-rehabilitation. Some women used to join through Government in that center. We decided to close down the center due to some problems and applied to the Government for permission to do so. The Government gave permission to transfer ladies in our center to another center and close our center. We then decided to move the ladies from our center to the other proposed center under the supervision of police. Due to inadvertency of police, one girl among them escaped and ran away because of her love affair. We reported the matter immediately in the Police Station and were worried about her. We informed the matter to Swamiji through Kumaraswamy. Then Swamiji said “Do not be afraid. I am there for you. She will be found by tomorrow morning.” As Swamiji said, next day morning that girl came back by herself. In this context, what I want to say is that Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is the Omnipresent Power who knows everything (the past, present and future). Things happen exactly what He spells out.

An industrialist from Manipur State of India is a close friend of my husband. His brother's daughter got admitted in one of the colleges in Hyderabad for higher studies. She is a very good girl. She was very sensitive. She loves her parents and is attached to them very much. She did not like to stay in the hostel. She was very much worried to be away from her home and parents.

One day, she escaped and ran away from the hostel. The parents of the girl came to know about it and consulted my husband with a request to find her where-about. All her family members were worried about her and reported the matter to the police registering a complaint. That day passed and she could not be traced. The worry for the family members became doubled. They were worried that what kind of dangers she might be in, as she did not know the local language to speak, and she never came out of home alone. Then, my husband phoned Swamiji and explained the matter in detail to Him. Swamiji then said “Tell the family members not to get agitated. The girl will come back safely. You will get the trace of her by 5 O'clock in the evening tomorrow.” Keeping faith on Swamiji's words, we all waited watching.

As exactly Swamiji said, at about 5 PM in the evening on the next day, we received a phone call from the police station saying that the girl's location was traced and asked us to come to police station. All family members went to Police Station immediately and were filled with joy seeing the girl there. On enquiry, they found that she could not adjust to the life in the hostel and could not stay any more. So, she escaped from it and ran away. She then boarded a train to go to her own State, Manipur. A boy belonging to the same state, was also there travelling in the same compartment of the train. He saw the girl sitting in a corner with scared looks. He approached and inquired from her to know that she escaped from the hostel and she did not have money to travel. He took the phone number of her parents from her and informed them. He, then with his own money, took her to the Police Station as suggested by the parents. He waited in the Police Station till her parents arrived and handed over her to them. He immediately left them without any trace.

We realized that it was nothing but the miracle of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri
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